New country means new home!

To find the right accommodation, which suit your needs is a huge part of your international study journey. If things are good at home, then there is a much better chance for a great study experience. While you are in Australia you can choose from different accommodation types.

Share accommodation

Share a place with International students, means share your culture and live with likeminded people. You  will never be alone, there will always be somebody for you to share your joy, challenges, experience and happiness. In this case you share a house or unit with other students. This way of living is very common, cheap, convenient and also long term. You can choose from single, double or triple sharing. If you are with your partner you can share a double room, couples often choose this option and live with another couple.

Price range is from $ 90 - 200 per person per week, depending on cities, areas and facilities.

 Student accommodation

These accommodations are specially set up for students, there you will have your own room, or have a double room with somebody. Before you book you have to choose what kind of room set up you prefer. You always have a living room what you share with others and kitchen is always a great place to have long conversations and enjoy each others company.

Price range is from $ 120- 250 per person per week, depending on cities, areas and facilities.

On campus student accommodation

On the university campuses there are residences which are available only to university students. All rooms are furnished and usually you share the bathroom and kitchen. Here as well you can choose either a single or double room and there is an option to have it serviced.

Price range is from $ 130 - 300 per person per week, depending on University. 


This is the best way to get a real Aussie lifestyle experience through your host family.

You’ll live in an Australian family’s home, where you’ll have your own room. The family will provide you with meals and help you to feel yourself at home far from your home. This way you’ll practice English a lot, and will develop your language skills very fast. This is a very unique experience and a good way to explore the Australian culture. The families are carefully selected and they will make sure that you have a fantastic time in Australia.

With the homestay you have to book at least 4 weeks in advance, usually you have a single room and you can choose between full board and just accommodation. Many students start with a homestay and once they are more confident in the new country switch to a different type of accommodation.

Price range is from $ 200 - 280 per person per week depending on level of board you choose.


This is the accommodation where you can combine social life and a budget price. There you can meet people from all around the world and gives you the perfect freedom. You can choose this option as start for short term while you are finding the right spot to live long term. Students often use this option while they are traveling in their holiday time. You can rent just a bed, single or there are rooms with multi beds which can be mixed or single-sex. The bathroom is shared. Usually they have a big social area and kitchen for use.

Price range from $ 200 - 350 per person per week depending on the share of the room.

Rental properties

This accommodation type is for students who like their own privacy and are planning to stay long term. You can rent a unit, apartment or house through a real estate agency under your own name. This is the most expensive option from all of the accommodation types.

Price range is from $ 200 - 450 per unit per week depending on the location and number of bedrooms and facilities.